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"You've reached Ikezawa Kazuma. Not here right now. Leave a message."
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at hospital


karate studio is gone

paulo went crazy

alice is hurt

broken jaw

lopmon is

i'm not hurt

some one come get me please
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[Kazuma sounds agitated, but with good reason]

Nadeko hasn't come home yet. She was supposed to get off work nearly three hours ago. I can't reach her comm. I can't even reach her partner.

[there's a bit of a pause, before he speaks again with more resolution in his voice]

Lopmon and I are going to look for her.

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 Kazumaaa... ... Kazumaaaaaaaaa! ... KAZUMAAAAA!

What, Lopmon?

What're you makin' that funny face for?


That face. Your eyes are all... small.
... I'm just trying to read the calendar on the wall.

Oh. Can't you see it?

Yeah. 'course I can.

Then why're you making that funny face at it?

[a sigh, followed by some coughing] No reason, Lopmon. Just forget about it.

... 'kay.
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Similar to Nadeko Sengoku from Bakemonogatari, Kazuma Ikezawa lives in a modern, current world (said to be 2010 though the movie was made in 2009) and throughout the movie there are vague references to current events as well as anime, manga, tv series, and movies.

As such Kazuma is likely to break the fourth wall from time to time.

In game he's already made a reference to FullMetal Alchemist, but it was a very glossed over reference (he litereally responded to a comment about "equivalent exchange" with "Don't quote irrelevant anime to me!"), but since Hughes' mun already requested on Nadeko's permission post that they not be included I'm going to write it off as 'he knows of it, and knows enough references to it to get the line, but he's never actually read/watched it'.

Sooo that little snafu aside, if anyone ELSE wouldn't mind having their fourth wall broken by a bratty little 13 year old gamer, let me know! =D

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[Hi Digital World. There is a snow-covered Kazuma and Watanuki on the screen. Watanuki looks pissed, and Kazuma... is actually grinning despite the cold. They both look as though the sky just dumped a blanket on them as they were walking somewhere]

That literally came out of nowhere. Awesome.

How is this awesome?!

Calm down, Watanuki-sama. Its just snow.

[Watanuki is flailing, naturally]

Snow that came out of NOWHERE! How is that even POSSIBLE!

[Kazuma shrugs, getting even more amused at Watanuki's reaction.]

Hell if I know.

[Watanuki makes a face at him but doesn't call him on the rather mild swear. He's shivering noticeably, despite wearing a jacket. Kazuma is apparently not even bothered by it, in his usual ratty sweatshirt and teeshirt and nothing more.]

We're going to freeze to death.

Over dramatic much? [siiiigh, okay it was fun while it lasted but now Wata's whining is just getting tiresome.] Doumeki-san, can you make some tea or something for us? We'll be home soon.

[The video turns off, but nothing without catching the last of Watanuki's irritated muttering]
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[Morning after the nightmare post]

Uhm... Watanuki-sama? Is... there a doctor we can take Nadeko-chan to? She's got a fever...

[please don't ask how I figured this out right after waking up please please please]
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N-no... nnn... get--... don't touch-- ! Let go--! 

[Kazuma's D-comm has been knocked off the nightstand, causing it to turn on to him tossing about, voice panicked and sounding almost like he might be in pain. For a few seconds he stops crying out, panting heavily,  but its starts up again. Louder this time.]

Stop it! You can't-- ! NO! LET GO OF ME! PLEASE!

[This time, Kazuma actually screams, and it sounds painful. Whatever nightmare he's having its causing him to thrash around like some one is actually causing him pain. Something else crashes, his nightstand actually being kicked over in his fright. It's finally gotten Lopmon's attention, though.]


[Kazuma screams again, Lopmon pleading loudly for some one to help.]
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Come on, Kazumaaaa! Just say something!

I don't want to.

Why not?

I'm sore, I'm tired, and I don't want to introduce myself.


... you turned it on anyway, didn't you?
Eheh... sorry?

[irritated sigh]


Don't you want to tell people you're here?

Not particularly... please turn it off. And don't send it.

[long silence, until Kazuma speaks again, rather flatly and unamused]

Its already being broadcast.

I mixed the buttons up?

I find that hard to believe. Turn it off.


Turn. It. Off.



((OOC: Feel free to mistake Kazuma for a girl since this is voice-only. Both his English and Japanese VAs are women. xD))
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Kazuma's memory, odd as it might be for him, is actually a fairly happy and simple one. Once his globe is shaken it will at first show a group of young teens, none of them any older than thirteen, staring up in surprise at something in a large city. After a moment it will shift to one more image, of the same teens smiling happily and laughing. Kazuma is among them, actually looking content and maybe even a little proud, with his friend's arm around his shoulder.
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"You've reached Ikezawa Kazuma. Not here right now. Leave a message."
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Player Information

Name: JeniOctavia
Age: 26
AIM SN: jenioctavia
Have you played in an LJ based game before? Yes, several
Bonus: How did you hear about Siren's Pull? Already here with Sokka. =D

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Name- JeniOctavia

LJ- [ profile] jenioctavia

Email address-

AIM/MSN/YIM (optional)- jenioctavia

Character, series- Kazuma Ikezawa, Summer Wars

Character journal- [ profile] kazumaking

Character type- Mostly background for the first part of the movie, has some major parts throughout.

Digimon partner- White Lopmon > Turuiemon > Antiramon

D-Comm colours/symbol- Photobucket

Imported from another RP?- No.

Character appearance- Photobucket

Character age- 13, almost 14

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How's My Driving?

This is your standard, typical HMD post for Kazuma Ikezawa from Summer Wars as played by [ profile] jenioctavia for the RP communities [ profile] digital_dive  and [ profile] sirenspull .

If you have anything to say, positive or negative, please drop it here. Try to keep the flames to a minimum, as general rudeness and the like will be otherwise ignored. Be nice to me, I'll be nice to you, no matter the crit.


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